How Retailers are Increasing Sales with Personalised Cross-Device Advert Targeting

cross device

Today, people from all across the world are using multiple devices to access the internet. More and more online shoppers are now using a variety of devices to research products and services online. They buy products via desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Retailers are increasingly using personalised cross-device ad targeting strategy to increase sales and meet the people who will love to do business with them. So it is important for the retailers to understand an individual’s behaviour across all devices, browsers and apps. This is where personalised cross-device ad targeting comes into play to boost sales for the retailers.

cross device

Personalised cross-device advertising strategy engages shoppers across desktop, mobile and other devices. About 60% retailers consider personalised cross-device ad targeting as the top digital marketing strategy to increase sales. Personalised cross-advertising ad targeting strategy is expected to have a significant impact on the online shopping industry as consumers’ online shopping behaviours are evolving. As a result, retailers are looking for digital marketing solutions to convert shoppers. Optimising ads for the target audience will engage them the most and turn them into buyers.

Many reputable digital marketing and online advertising companies are dedicated to facilitating personalised cross-device ad campaign for retailers to increase their sales on a local and global scale. Cross-device advertising allows retailers to identify consumers using multiple devices and deliver relevant messages to acquire new customers and engage existing customers. They are using personalised cross-device ad targeting tactics to target the smartphone generation in order to generate more sales. According to a recent research conducted by Rakuten, 92% of people use their smartphones to research products and services and read reviews for enhancing their shopping experience. Retailers are optimising ads to target this smartphone generation.

Today, mobile makes up about 40% of global eCommerce transactions. Retailers are increasingly focusing on cross-device ad targeting campaign to increase sales and enhance their brand identity. Even brick-and-mortar retailers, like Pat Testers and Alert Watch, are focusing more on personalised cross-device online advertising strategies with the rise of online advertising to increase sales via offline sales.

Retailers are recognising the rise of the smartphones as shoppers are using them for consumer-driven activities like shopping. Many retailers are tailoring a mobile-first approach while building and developing websites and online shops. Responsive web design and development is based on a mobile-first strategy so consumers can access retailers’ websites and online stores or shops across all devices. Consumers do not mind seeing adverts as long as they are highly relevant to them. By adopting personalised cross-device ad targeting strategy retailers can target mobile customers and retarget the same customers on other devices.

Personalised cross-device ads provide a massive opportunity for retailers to target customers with greater personalisation. They can show relevant ads to their target audience across devices, and in turn convert prospects into buyers. Retailers can optimise and tailor their ads by:

  • sending personalised emails to their target audience based on their prior browsing behaviour
  • sending custom tailored emails with purchase recommendations
  • optimising custom tailored ads across all devices
  • showing highly relevant adverts to potential customers

The custom tailored ads allow the retailers to reach out to their target audience effectively. To get the optimal results from personalised cross-device ads, retailers need to make sure that they reach the right audience and optimise ads based on a variety of factors like demographic, geographic and technical factors. Retailers can optimise their ads based on devices as the ads are likely to perform differently on desktop and mobile. So, it is important to customise any ad correctly based on a device and a user’s browsing behaviour. For example, a retailer can use personalised cross-device ad targeting strategy to target their potential customers:

  • by behaviours
  • by income
  • by location
  • by interests and likes
  • by age groups and genders
  • by connections
  • by lookalike audiences

Advertisers can reach their target markets with personalised adverts based on their target customers’ location, gender, age, interests, and other factors across all devices. It is easy to set up custom tailored online adverts to display on various types of devices available in the market today. They can meet the people who matter most to their business by running custom tailored ads on various types of devices.

Personalised, cross-device ads bring people from search engines, social media sites and other online outlets to retailers’ website or online shop. Depending on the type of business, adverts and adverting objective, their target audience will perform certain actions (e.g. booking an appointment, filling out an online form, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase). Personalised, cross-device adverts help the retailers meet the people who will love their business. Marketing on various devices through personalised targeting ads is a powerful and efficient way to

  • drive online sales
  • reach people across all devices
  • meet people who like your business
  • increase local sales

Today, shoppers use internet at home, at work, when they are on holiday and when they are on the go. Online advertising firms can provide retailers with personalised cross-device ad targeting solutions if they want to boost online and offline sales. Marketing success and failure of retailers will largely depend on the ability to invest in personalised cross-device ad targeting solutions and partner with online advertising and marketing companies.

If retailers want to reach their potential customers then personalised cross-device ad targeting strategy can be highly effective to increase sales. Properly optimised personalised ads help retailers reach their business goals by attracting more target traffic to their business website and online shops. Today, advertising through personalised cross-device adverts is one of the most powerful and efficient way for retailers to increase their online sales. Cross-device ads are compatible with all these devices, meaning retailers can reach their potential customers where they are engaged.