SEO Checklist For Startup Websites

seo checklist

Most startups, like Lockout Safety,  experience activities weight beyond established businesses. From staffing, outreach amongst others shows how volatile startups are at the initial stages of operation. Of course, entrepreneurs are always the best at what they do, but this does not mean they should not tread with caution in the world of entrepreneurship as a simple mistake like failing to employ dedicated SEO checklist resources may lead to failure of at the early life cycle of their businesses. This is because entrepreneurs who place great SEO practices at the start of their activities always smile all the way as the dividends are always increasing as the business matures down the line.

seo checklist

Entrepreneurs who embark on new ventures require SEO to enable prospective customers to find the name of their business when they search for the name on the internet. Likewise, after proper implementation, SEO check list comes in handy for most entrepreneurs as customers can accurately identify products and services being offered by an entrepreneur without displaying goods and services of a competitor. SEO implementations can take up to months to fully optimized therefore it is wise for most entrepreneurs to start the process of SEO implementation at the nascent stages of business.

Check List For Essential SEO Tips And Tasks

  • Installation of Google Analytics is mandatory
  • Destination goals should be set
  • Google webmaster tools should be next in line
  • A connection should be made between Google webmaster with Google Analytics
  • One should then create a file dubbed robots.txt.file
  • A site map should also be created ‘sitemap.xml.’

Keyword Research

  • The owner should then proceed to make a list of the things he or she offers. This should not forget their names as this will be crucial for customers for identification purposes, and the channel through which potential clients can refer to them. This will require an entrepreneur to come up with a long, interesting list of phrases.
  • One can also obtain various ideas on keywords using such tools as Google keyword planner to help in searching for multiple keywords, ads and even ideas created by groups.
  • After coming up with an elaborate list, one is then required to insert the suggested keywords into the keyword planner and examine their performance on the new site.
  • One is expected to narrow down the list after the subsequent process to ensure that target phrases appearing many times are captured to make sure that as many audiences attention are captured while reducing the cost they make for each click.
  • The last step under the section here will be to separate the target keywords into various groups composing of similar phrases and assign them to the required page on the site.

Onsite Optimization

  • For accuracy and efficiency, one is bound to write an eye catching tag for each of the web page available under the site taking into consideration the appropriate use of target keywords a previously assigned to the page. The business name should not be forgotten in this step and characters should be kept to a maximum of sixty characters.
  • For each web page, it pays to write a unique meta description using the specific keywords assigned to the page and the characters used should not exceed one hundred and fifty-five characters.
  • In each page’s URL, target keywords should also be added as it will make the checklist interesting and likable for customers.
  • Each page should not have more than one h 1 tags and the keywords accompanying the page should be orderly arranged and should appear at the bottom of the page.
  • All pages on the website should be designed to be accessed in not more than three clicks from the site’s homepage as most customers will get tired half way when the number of clicks is many
  • In cases where the website is image heavy, ALT tags should be introduced to give ease for search engines in identifying the visuals being used by customers.


  • The content should be made unique with beautiful words which are not being employed in other sections of the site or the entire web.
  • A blog should be designed in the domain, and it should never lack new posts to keep customers coming back for more on the site.
  • The contents should not only be in text format, but one should also ensure that videos, podcasts and more are made part of the content.
  • Audiences should be identified for the products and services and strategies that relate best to them should always be applied.
  • The content should not only be about one’s products and services, other interesting topics which motivate customers should also be used to entertain and even retain them. This will ensure that they develop loyalty towards the site and the process their buyer behaviors will be positively influenced.

Link Building

  • One should always have a keen eye on the competitor’s activities. These includes finding authoritative citations on their list and reaching out to the citations to pitch your products and services in their market.
  • Industry influencers should also be identified as one may just find a forum of pitching their products and services to the many followers.